Ages 7 years and older

Classical Ballet
Ballet for the beginning child from age 7 up to advanced levels. Basic Cecchetti methods used along with R.A.D. and Russian techniques. Individual attention and thoroughness stressed. A very disciplined form of dance study is the basis for all dance. It is highly recommended as a starting point of dance education.

Modern Jazz
Authentic jazz forms and contemporary dance, incorporated with Afro-Caribbean rhythm and modern dance. Freestyle and theatrical innovations stressed. Beginning age 7 years.

Tap | Rhythmic tap, inclusive of buck, clog, wings, etc., based on the modern flair technique of Henry Letang. Also, group precision emphasized. Beginning age 7 years.

The technique of dancing “Sur Le pointe, is a form for the advancing ballet student, but never before the age of 10 years and only as the physical capabilities develop.

Hip Hop and Modern Dance (Horton/ Dunham)
Classes are also offered for youth and young adults at an intermediate or advanced level. Contact (256) 541-0385 for more information about class availability per age levels.